It’s A Choice

As you all know I have struggled with my weight for most of my life. And this journey has been wrought with choices and decisions, failures and triumphs, sorrow and joy.

I’ve been up and down, up and down, bigger and smaller. And I’ve never reached my goal. But I have hit small milestones that I will forever hold dear.

As I have been on this Journey for the last year, I have discovered so much about myself.

I am:

  • Stronger than I thought

  • Happier the more I move

  • Able to drink half my body weight in ounces (or close to it) and not die

  • Able to run and not die

  • Prettier the thinner I get (I know it’s egotistical, sorry)

  • Able to admit that I like myself

  • Getting better at putting myself first

  • Getting better at saying “NO” to the food that calls my name

  • ABLE to achieve so much more than I ever thought

Getting healthy and losing weight is about choices. PERIOD

I choose:

  • What goes into my mouth

  • How my body moves and how often it does so

  • How to react to stressful situations (FYI choosing food is the wrong choice)

  • What time I go to bed (this is very important and hard for me, since I am a night owl at heart)

  • How much water I consume

  • How much TV I watch

  • The people I’m around


So often (and I am guilty as well) we dwell on what we’ve done wrong. How we’ve failed. And we allow this to decide things for us. We let it derail us from our goals. We let it push us down until we forgot what we were doing and where we were headed in the first place.


Why should we let a little thing do this to us?


Come with me?!

Join me on this Journey?

I will help you. I will motivate you and you can motivate me. We can keep each other on track. Not by judging or by guilt but by being there. Being helpful, meeting somewhere to walk. I’m still really slow, so I won’t be pushing you too hard. Pulling each other out of the gutter we fell down in.

It’s a choice, it’s YOUR choice. But I’m here.

My road is still long but it sure would be nice to have company as I travel.

*** Update 2018; Life sure is funny. I thought I could do it all by myself. But turns out I couldn’t. See later posts…coming soon.

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