There Will Be Days

There will be days that you feel like total and complete crap.

Days when the food just doesn’t want to go down.

Days when you just want to sleep.

Days when you can’t get out of your own head and feel FAT!

Days that if you get 5 feet away from the bathroom it’s a bad idea.

Days that you wish like crazy that you hadn’t had this surgery, so you can eat your feelings!

Days that you just sit and cry because you’re still dealing with the emotions of a 300 pound woman!

Days you will attempt to eat or drink something that makes you sick.

Days that you can’t even imagine how you lived like you used to.

Days that you will put on clothes that are smaller than you’ve worn in forever!

Days that you forget how much pain you used to be in.

Days that you are so proud of yourself you want to scream.

Days that you can’t hear “you look great” enough.

Days that you stop missing chocolate and ice cream.

Days that you can run with your kids.

Days that you find yourself doing something new and exciting.

Days that you are simply thankful.

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