Random Crap

This time I have to just vent about a few things. So this one isn’t even called a Journey because it’s just so random. Bear with me.

1.Walmart. Good night people. Why in the heck do you wear such things to Walmart? I just don’t understand it. Do you not own a mirror? And why on earth would you choose not to watch your children during this kind of outing? Have you not seen the news about the little girl down south that was almost abducted from a Walmart? Seriously! And NO I do not want to buy cotton candy or a Krispy Kreme doughnut thank you very much!! (I’m on a path of health DUH!) Oh! And where did you learn to drive? Do you not see my walking across the road with my two small children beside me and baby in the cart? Really? Maybe your loud music has effected your eyesight. Lord have mercy. I’ll try to pray for all you “Ethel’s” in the world. (inside joke)


2. Am I the only one that gets both sad and irritated when I see someone on the side of the road panhandling? I feel for them and the thought goes through my mind that it could be Jesus in disguise, but I have the hardest time giving these people money when I struggle to keep my own family fed and clothed. Plus half the time they seem to be dressed better than I am. I saw a couple the other day with their small child on the corner. How sad. I feel like a bad Christian but this is such a struggle for me. I always think that they will buy drugs or alcohol with it. I’m terrible. And I apologize if you’ve ever had to do that and I feel blessed that I haven’t.

3. I am a Pediatric Medical Assistant and I have seen a lot of things. And one of my biggest irritations is the increase in teens who are sexually active. I have encountered so many that come in for STD checks, pregnancy checks, and thank goodness BIRTH CONTROL!!! Why is this on the rise? Is it lack of parenting skills? Media influence? Something is missing for these kids.  Some of these girls are actually sad that their pregnancy tests come back negative! Are you crazy? Maybe you should talk to a teen mom and find out how hard it is. How your life changes and is no longer your own! Maybe you should go watch a live birth and hold that woman’s hand to find out how much it HURTS to push a baby out of a hole the size of a lemon! Maybe you could come babysit my three small children for a day?! Then you would rethink it. Please, please, please think about what you’re doing before you do it.  Sex is great in a loving committed relationship. But if you’re not ready to be a parent you better “mask” up first.

4. Why is it when I’m late for work I get behind every slow driver on the road? Can you not tell that I’m in a hurry? Is my finger tapping on my steering wheel an indication of my need to MOVE IT!?

And finally

5. Another work related issue(s). If you know you’re going to go to the doctor could you please do the following things; bathe, wear deodorant, not chain smoke with the windows up (ever hear of febreeze people?), brush your teeth, wash your feet, wash your children, wash your children’s feet, wear a bra, and wear a shirt under your sweatshirt that I need you to remove to do your blood pressure! Thank you! Your health care team would appreciate it!!

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