Fifteen. Wow.

Fifteen years ago (in about 12 hours) my daughter was born. And I became someones mother. I remember thinking, “I hope God knows what he’s doing because I don’t!” She came in at 7 lb 4.5 oz, 21.5 inches long and with a head of black hair and she was perfect. After 17 hours of labor I was so happy she was here. Being my first and only being 22, it was definitely a learning experience. And it still is.

Nobody tells you how hard motherhood will be or how rewarding. It’s an experience that you have to have yourself. There’s no more sleeping in, going to the bathroom alone, eating something alone, or having a clean house. I applaud women who can accomplish this last one as I have yet to get there. She quickly became my entire world. She was my entertainment, my distraction, my confidant, my playmate, my travel buddy, and my best friend. I never went anywhere without her and couldn’t understand parents that went away without their baby. (this viewpoint has changed)

I hate to say it though she is my “practice” child. And I think the oldest in a family usually is. They are the ones that you try parenting tips out on, the one who gets the most mistakes because WE DON’T KNOW WHAT WE’RE DOING! But we learn and we fail and we try again.

She is the light in our world and she is so beautiful. It’s amazing to me that we made this person! I will still gaze at her at random moments and am so struck with awe that she came from me. This proves to me (once again) that God exists. Because there is no way that I just made her without help.

She has made our life what it is. I can’t imagine life without her. There is nothing like seeing the world through your child’s eyes. And she is still making me smile. She has become my best friend and when she is feeling jilted by her siblings taking up my time; I just remind her that I’ve loved her the longest.

She is beautiful, funny, loud, sassy, unique and mine. I guess I”ll share her with daddy a little too.

Happy Birthday Munchkin. I love you!

***This post was from 2012. She is now 21 years old and engaged!

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