Oh my are they an education or what? My oldest young man was born in 2007, my youngest in 2010. And they are the most amazing gifts and yet the largest education this momma could ever have gotten.

Raising girls is so simple in the early years. They like pink, they play and pretend and need attention once in awhile. They want to do everything like mommy and spend time with me. Not so true with my boys. Instead of princesses, pink, Barbie and tutu’s. I get Cars, camo, Transformers and trucks.

One of the very first things that I learned was that there was some maintenance to do when changing a diaper. A certain part of the male anatomy doesn’t automatically point south. (someone could have told me this) I thought all the diapers were faulty. He was getting soaked every 10 minutes until I figured this out. Yes, I can feel your laughter and eye rolling, but I truly had no clue!

The next was that boys have their own ideas and agendas. They want to know how things work and they are determined to find out. They are very inquisitive and LOUD!! And honest! (this is not always a good thing)

They can be very destructive as well. I remember when AE was 3 ish……he discovered that he could open the refrigerator and the eggs that were within his reach. Oh my word!!! He learned that he could crack them on the window sills and WOW look at how they look running down the walls. EEK!!! Oh yes, fun times. That was wonderful to clean up.

Then he discovered that the pantry door had no lock on it. Chocolate Syrup + green carpet = One ticked off mother!!!

But then there’s the other side to the coin.

The tenderness when they’re in my lap, and the “I love you momma” from that sweet voice.

The way they can make me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world and the best mommy ever.

How tender they are together and how sweet it is to watch AE teach NA how to do something, or correct him.

How they want to be just like their daddy. Fishermen, hunters, daddy’s, and husbands.

And though this Journey is a struggle most days and I feel as though I’ll lose it if they don’t go to bed soon, I know one day I will miss the dirt, icky noses, noise and cleaning. OK, well maybe not the cleaning, but I’ll miss the rest.

And I have to remember that I am raising men. I want them to be the best husbands and fathers they can be. I want them to treat their spouses with respect and love. I want them to be tender with their children and to always strive to know God better. To teach His word to his babies.  This is my mission. My ultimate goal. To raise men.

So for now I’ll tolerate and embrace all the dirt and bodily fluids, marker on the walls and sticks on the porch.

Thank you God for giving me boys.


AE and NA 2018

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